KUWAIT STEEL recognizes that the utmost and highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of the employees, contractors and the public and acknowledges the importance of good health, safety and environmental performance. To achieve this, the company provides all the necessary tools and resources, including an on-site clinic, a manned 24/7 ambulance, a fire station and firefighting equipment.

KUWAIT STEEL is fully committed to minimizing, even eliminating, the effects of its overall operations towards the environment. It is the top priority of the company to further enhance and improve its environmental protection performance through robust and effective implementation of the Environmental Management System (EMS), which enables the company to reduce its environmental footprint and increase its operating efficiency.

The company has taken stringent measures to tackle pollution of all sorts by reducing waste, increasing recycling rates, in addition to dedicating a plant for fume treatment and a large Dog-house envelope for the entire furnace for noise and dust control, which is particularly unique in the Gulf region and places KUWAIT STEEL in the league of the world's top 5% companies with this facility. The company has installed a continuous Emission measurement System in the plant’s chimney, through which instant data received via the system is shared with the ministry of Environment, in addition to installing an advanced SVC (Static VAR Compensator) system in the Company's substation to prevent any local grid disturbances during furnace operation.