United Steel Industrial Company (Kuwait Steel) is a private Kuwaiti Closed Shareholding Industrial and Commercial Company that was established in the year 1996 through Kuwaiti investors.

In the four years that followed Kwtsteel in collaboration with Voest Alpine of Austria erected the first fully-automated Rolling Mill in Kuwait. This Rolling Mill, which is built on a 40,000 square meter land has an annual capacity of 750,000 tons of reinforcing steel bars with sizes ranging from 8mm to 40 mm in diameter.

 Since 2003, Kuwait Steel was able to cater major portions of local market demands for this vital product, since the manufacturing process is entirely capable of meeting recognized stringent international standards such as ASTM, DIN, BS, SASO and other standards required by the market.

 The company’s production usually exceeds its yearly target, thus exporting its products to neighboring countries which has constantly been part of its business. 

 In 2007, Kuwait Steel accomplished another goal by setting up its own Steel Making Plant which was awarded to M/s. Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche of Italy. The new Steel Making Plant is built on a land admeasuring 96,000 square meters in the Shuaiba Industrial Area and has an annual capacity to produce 1.2 million of steel billets.

 The Steel Plant is designed according to the latest technology in the field of steel plant machinery equipment specifically. The technological solution is characterized by the choice of high quality and productivity facilities, by which it is possible to achieve extremely efficient operating results with low man-power and specific energy consumption thereby making the plant highly competitive. 

 Upon commissioning in 2010 and after finishing the Guarantee Performance Test during the first quarter of 2011, the Steel Plant is in operation and producing to its full capacity.

 During the same year 2010, Kuwait Steel achieved yet another milestone by acquiring another Rolling Mill Plant in Kuwait that used to have an annual production capacity of 250,000 tons/year which has been completely revamped and upgraded by M/s. Siderimpes (S.R.L) of Italy, to increase its annual capacity to produce 650,000 tons of rebar that is fully operational and running at full capacity and utilization rates. Both rolling mill plants have a combined annual production capacity of 1.4 million metric tons.

 Kuwait Steel is fully committed to minimize, if not eliminate the effects of its overall operations in the production of steel reinforcing bars and steel billets to the environment. It is the company's goal to enhance and continually improve its environmental protection performance through effective implements of Environmental management Systems (EMS).

 Thus, it is worthwhile to mention that United Steel Industrial Company is the sole producer of steel rebar in the state of Kuwait. Last but not least, all of Kuwait Steel's products are Kuwaiti, ISO and UK CARES certified.