1. How can I get information about KWTSTEEL?

Answer: You may either check “about us” on the website or simply contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

2. Who can I contact in case of complaints?

Answer: You may send us an email concerning or regarding your issue or contact the concerned department.

3. How much steel do you produce each year?

Answer: We have a design capacity of 1.4 million MT, we are currently running at full capacity.

4. Where is your steel produced?

Answer: We produce our steel in the State of Kuwait at our manufacturing facilities in Shuaiba Industrial Area.

5. How is steel produced?

Answer: Steel is produced from raw materials and scrap where it is molten, then into a semi-finished product called Billet or slab and re-rolled into rebar.

6. What is your steel used for?

Answer: We produce steel rebar which is used for construction and infrastructure projects (housing units, building/towers, hospitals, etc..)

7. What famous landmarks are made of your steel?

Answer: Famous landmarks are as follows: - Al Hamra - Jamal Abdel Nasser causeway - Jaber causeway - Courthouse complex

8. Can steel be recycled?

Answer: Yes and it is considered or known as steel scrap when recycled.

9. Doesn’t steel production pollute the environment?

Answer: Yes, there is pollution to any manufacturing process but we installed an anti- pollution machine which controls levels of pollution.

10. What happens to by-products from the steel production process?

Answer: By products such as ‘slag’ can be sold and used for other materials like tarmac for roads.