Continuous Casting Machine

The steel obtained from the Ladle Refining Furnace is cast in the final shape of square billets, in a five strand Continuous Casting Machine of the utmost modern design.

The whole casting process is automated and ensures the production of quality billets. This includes automatic caster startup, production, cast-end and continuous control of metallurgical parameters.

 The liquid steel from the steel Ladle is taken into the Tundish which supplies metal to all five strands of the caster. For ensuring product quality, the Tundish has been designed through water-modeling and the metal level is maintained by an automatic slide gate control. Each of the five molds of the caster is fed metal from the Tundish through an advanced FNC nozzle changing system, which assist in long casting sequences. Long sequences are mandatory for                                                               better productivity, yield and quality of the casted product.