OUR COMMITMENT to health, safety, environment, quality and communication is fundamental to how we do business in Kuwait Steel. It applies wherever and whenever we operate, from raw material outsourcing to closure.


• Scrap Processing Facilities

• Lime Plant

• Steel Making Plant

• Rolling Mills 1 & 2

We consider excellence in health, safety and environmental performance as well as product quality, an essential component to long-term success.

Through effective leadership and management practices, we strive to continuously improve our HSEQ performance for the benefit of our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, shareholders and local communities.

Our success in this area requires active participation and a shared commitment by our stakeholders to achieve our goals.


  • Relentlessly work towards achieving our goal of zero harm while preventing property damage, process loss and business interruption.
  • Strive visible leadership with clear accountabilities that encourages effective employee, contractor and supplier participation in achieving our goals and in recognising the business value of good HSEQ performance.
  • Strengthen the capability of employees and contractors to recognise and control the potential impact of their activities.
  • Build from a foundation of compliance with applicable laws, Kuwait Steel Standards and Policies and our HSEQ Management Systems including our voluntary commitments.

  • Implement systems to identify, control and monitor HSEQ risks in the development, construction and operational areas.
  • Ensure our risk-based objectives, targets and actions are set, reviewed and integrated into business planning and decision-making processes
  • Provide and develop adequate resources and expertise to manage our HSEQ performance .
  • Closely monitor the market and customer needs to identify and act upon opportunities for improvement and to satisfy customer requirements.

  • Strive to implement the best available practices and technology to deliver HSEQ excellence, minimise the impact on land, make a positive contribution to biodiversity and improve our efficiency in water and energy use .
  • Be active contributors to the climate change solution and ensure the effective implementation of our climate change work programs.
  • Ensure service and technical support to our suppliers and customers internally and externally is responsive, fair, courteous and timely .
  • Positively contribute to local communities in health, safety and environment to provide a lasting benefit .
  • Report regularly to all stakeholders on our performance and seek their feedback .

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