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As Kuwait celebrates its National and liberation day, we at Kuwait Steel proudly commemorate this momentous occasion and reflect on our profound connection to Kuwait's development journey.

On this momentous occasion, we reaffirm our dedication to Kuwait's development aspirations. We pledge to continue delivering innovative solutions, leveraging our expertise to drive sustainable growth, and contributing to Kuwait's journey towards a brighter future.

As we celebrate Kuwait National Day, let us unite in spirit and purpose, working hand in hand to build a stronger, more resilient Kuwait for generations to come.

Warmest wishes on Kuwait National Day 

Embracing a dynamic corporate culture KUWAIT STEEL recent basketball tournament brought together 8 teams and 120 players from various departments in which witnessed teamwork, strategic play, and fellowship in the courts. A testament to the strength of our workforce, this tournament isn't just about winning; it's a celebration of diversity and teamwork. Grateful for a workplace that values multiculturalism on and off the court.

Congratulations to KUWAIT STEEL Champions         

#KUWAITSTEEL #TeamBuilding 

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